Ja Rule Says He’s Planning To Bury His Music In ‘Time Capsule’ Spread Throughout The World

Ja Rule revealed his plans to bury his music around the world during an appearance on “People Now” this week.

The rapper spoke last month about how he’s going to be re-releasing every album he’s ever crafted as a visual LP, and further discussed plans for his “Time Capsule Project.”

The rapper insisted what he’s doing “has never been done before by any artist, living or dead,” adding he thought of the name because “music is timeless.”

“I had a really great idea, you may think it’s crazy, but I’m actually going to make it a time capsule. I’m going to bury it in six different regions of the world,” he explained.

“If the world ends tomorrow, all they’ll have is Ja Rule,” he joked. “That’s the only music they’ll know.”

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The musician is also releasing his new album Twelve in December.

Ja Rule has not released a full studio album since 2012’s Pain is Love 2.

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