Gwen Stefani On Her Early Style Choices: ‘I Was Really Confused’

Gwen Stefani is as fashionable as they come but it wasn’t always like that for “The Sweet Escape” singer.

Stefani dished about some of her more unique style choices in a new video for Vogue. One of the looks she elaborated on was her pink hair and braces phase in the ’90s.

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“So, what happened with the pink hair?” Stefani, 50, said. “It’s so true: if you go through a breakup or a really big change in your life, sometimes you go ahead and change your hair to try to, I don’t know, wash whatever feelings those are out of your hair.”

She explained: “I was really confused at this time. I was 29-years-old. I was really confused about my relationship. I didn’t know who I was. I had come off a long long tour. I had gotten famous. I got to buy a house. I got to move out of my parent’s house. So much had happened.”

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The pink hair and braces phase was around the time that Stefani was the frontwoman for “No Doubt”.

“I didn’t have any budgets. I didn’t have a stylist. It was literally on my own with all guys,” she concluded. “I wanted my hair like cotton candy light hair. I had this vision of what I wanted and I ended up with fuchsia pink hair for like a year.”

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