Billy Bob Thornton Reveals He Was Legit ‘Drunk’ While Filming ‘Bad Santa’ Scene: ‘I Barely Knew I Was In A Movie’

Talk about method acting!

In the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly‘s “Couch Surfing”, Billy Bob Thornton drops a big revelation about an iconic scene in his 2003 comedy “Bad Santa” that lends the film a whole new level of authenticity.

In the scene, Thornton’s character — booze-swilling con man Willie T. Stokes — arrives on the job as a mall Santa completely hammered when he’s supposed to pose for photos with children.

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According to Thornton, 63, he wasn’t just acting inebriated; he says he “was drunk” while filming the scene.

“It’s so obvious. I drank about three glasses of red wine for breakfast. That was just an appetizer,” says Thornton, 63.

“Then I switched over to vodka and cranberry juice and then I had a few Bud Lights,” he adds.

“By the time I got to that scene there I barely knew I was in a movie,” Thornton continues.

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“The fact of the matter is I was supposed to be standing on the escalator. It dumps me out and it literally woke me up and that’s what’s in the movie,” he explains. “And I get up, standing around because I thought I woke up in my house. And then I remembered what I was supposed to do. I was supposed to go there and fall down in all those gifts and be horrible in front of the kids.”

There was, however, one saving grace about that particular scene: “At least it wasn’t a monologue,” he quips.

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