Bill Maher has never been less than withering in his assessment of Donald Trump, but on Friday’s edition of HBO’s “Real Time” the comedian took his criticism of the president to scathing new heights that culminated in offering a million-dollar bribe if Trump would resign — and a reasonable assurance he could bump that number up to a cool billion with the help of some other Trump-hating celebrities.

In this week’s “New Rules” segment, Maher played a clip of Trump from a 2016 campaign rally in which the then-candidate declared he wouldn’t be accepting donations and would fund his campaign entirely with his own money because “I’m really rich.”

Pointing out that turned out to be a blatant lie, Maher demolished Trump’s proclamation that he was too rich to be bought.

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“The exact opposite is true. The man is constantly for sale,” Maher said. “He’s worried about Ukrainian corruption? The only time corruption bothered Donald Trump is when he’s not in on it.”

Maher once again shared his opinion that Trump will refuse to vacate the White House even if he loses the 2020 election in a landslide, and offered an idea: a billion-dollar bribe.

“How about this: Just take my cheque for $1 million and I bet I could get another thousand people just from here to the beach including Malibu, of course, who would pay that much to see you resign,” Maher said, addressing the president directly.

“And to those out there who are saying, ‘My God, Bill, are you suggesting we pay this man to go away?’ Yes, that’s exactly what I’m suggesting. In fact, I’m insisting,” he quipped.

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Maher summed up by name-checking some wealthy Trump-hating celebrities he thinks would gladly pony up seven figures in order to see Trump exit the Oval Office.

“So, Mr. President, it’s really very simple. You love money, we hate you. You could finally be the billionaire you always pretended you were. Yes, I said billionaire because of the kind of money I could get from — just off the top of my head — Oprah, Cher, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Bono, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Pink, Rihanna, Usher, Pharrell, Eminem. And that’s just the ones with one name,” he continued as various celebrities appeared onscreen.

“Singers. Actors. Athletes,” he added. “Everyone f**king hates you.”

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