Alanis Morissette Compares ‘Kumbaya’ Nature Of Broadway To ‘Violent’ Agendas Of Music Industry

Alanis Morissette never imaged her breakout album Jagged Little Pill could take on the life it has.

Morissette’s career-defining album has been turned in a Broadway experience. Speaking with Diablo Cody for Interview Magazine, Morissette admitted she never saw this coming.

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“It’s been a wild ride, one that’s been surprising and heartwarming and enlightening, and also healing. Jagged Little Pill was such an insulated experience, not only the writing of it but then the touring of it,” she said. “I felt so solitary like I was in survival mode.”

“Here we are, years later, and I’m hearing the songs on the stage with objectivity for the first time, with a group of people who are so bright and emotionally literate, and all of a sudden it’s this connected experience,” Morissette continued. “My head is spinning a bit.”

Working in a collaborative environment for the Broadway show was a refreshing change from the “violent” music industry Morrissette has become accustomed to.

“My experience in the music industry, so much of the ‘helpful feedback’ is really violent,” she explained. “You create this piece, then you share it with people who may or may not have different vested interests, and you’re getting feedback from one angle or one agenda.”

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“It’s not very ‘kumbaya.’ It actually exacerbates the isolation, because the process of writing is lonely, and then the process of sharing—there’s some emotional violence built-in with someone telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing,” she added. “Whether we listen to that feedback or not, it’s still being given to us, unsolicited or otherwise.”

Jagged Little Pill the musical is created by Cody and based on Morrissette’s 1995 album of the same name. The show will premiere this fall.

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