Jerry O’Connell tried to educate his daughters on the iconic music of Prince and, unfortunately for Jerry, his lesson was a disastrous (albeit hilarious) failure.

The actor, 45, posted a video on Twitter in which he’s in a car, playing Prince’s 1984 hit, “When Doves Cry”. Suffice it to say, his daughters Dolly and Charlie were not impressed.

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In the video, which has already racked up 4 million views, O’Connell sings along to the tune while his daughters contort their faces in pain and scream, “Turn it down!”

“This is real music! This is real music, listen!” O’Connell replies. As his daughters continue to gripe, O’Connell chides them, “Guys, stop it!”

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His daughter sitting next to him in the front seat ends the video by imploring her dad to “turn it down” because “we’re next to the high school!”

O’Connell has definitely made it known that he’s a Prince fan — his Twitter avatar is a photo of the “Purple Rain” singer.

It turns out celeb dads are just as embarrassing as regular dads!

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