It’s Monday morning and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has already entertained his followers, promoted his projects, and at least started his workout (which seemingly does not end). Before The Rock starts working out at Iron Paradise, he shares on Instagram all of his workout essentials packed in his Project Rock 90 bag:

Can you really workout with a little Maui doll? The Rock’s kids packed a little plush of the character that he played in Disney’s “Moana”.

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The wrestler-turned-actor also took out his “post-workout shake”, Project Rock headphones, Project Rock beanie, and a bag full of hot dogs, or as The Rock describes them “lion dogs.”

And the highlight of the video? The Rock takes a colouring page and remarks, “My wife Lauren drew me a picture. Thank you, baby.”

The muscleman also took a second to sip from his new line of tequila, which is said to launch by the end of the year.

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His bag is packed with a few more surprises, but before People‘s 2016 “Sexiest Man Alive” starts his workout, he has a quick spat with his Magic 8-Ball.

Johnson also offers an update on his friend and frequent co-star Kevin Hart after the comedian’s car accident last month.

“I packed this myself,” Johnson jokes as he shows off his doll. “This didn’t come from my babies, because I’m going to see my best friend, Kevin Hart, and I always like to bring him a few toys that he can play with. He likes my Rock doll, because we kind of play, ‘Hey, here’s my doll, where’s your doll?'”

Adds Johnson: “He’s recovering from his injuries, he’s doing great. Can’t wait to come back, but I always gotta take care of my son.”

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