Paul Rudd Falls Asleep Mid-‘Late Late Show’ Sketch, James Corden Films Him Napping

Paul Rudd has been ridiculously busy promoting his new show “Living with Yourself”, so it’s no wonder he needs a little power nap from time to time.

Rudd appeared on Monday’s “Late Late Show with James Corden”, but instead of being his usual chirpy self, he was instead very, very tired in one hilarious sketch.

He said as the host tried to run him through a skit, “Sorry I’m a little tired, this promotion train, working a lot.

“My body is just shutting down, I’m exhausted.”

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Corden then came up with an idea.

He told the actor: “Listen to me. I’ve never done this before — shall we just cancel the sketch? You seem so tired, honestly. We can use the time that we were going to film it, you can take a nap, get a bit refreshed, and get ready to do the actual show.”

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However, he still wanted to film Rudd sleeping, something the star eventually agreed to.

Despite the camera then focusing on his face for three minutes, Rudd whispered at the end: “I can’t sleep.”

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