Cameron Douglas was joined by his father Michael to discuss his drug addiction, fame, and family in an emotional “Good Morning America” interview Tuesday.

Diane Sawyer pointed out that Douglas was 13 years old when he started smoking pot, 15 when he began snorting cocaine, 17 when he sampled crystal meth, 19 when he did liquid cocaine and 26 when he started using heroin.

He’s now 40 and has spent seven years behind bars, two of which were in solitary confinement.

As Sawyer asked how close he was to dying, Douglas admitted, “Probably pretty close.”

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He said of using drugs, “I thought I was fundamentally not put together properly and since that was the case I was just gonna take it as far as I could take it and come what may.

“It was almost like the one thing that I could count on, you know? And I guess, you know, I didn’t have the courage to try to move forward without it.”

Michael said of his son’s struggle, “I’m just laughing because you wrack your brain. You take it personally. You start blaming yourself, then you look at your genetic makeup. My career was first. My career came before my family. My marriage was not great and so you do hide yourself in your work.”

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“I should’ve focused more on my family. But that’s hard to say when you are in the midst of a career where you are in your own mind stepping out of your father’s shadow, trying to create a life of your own.”

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