K-Pop Star Jackson Wang Starts Each Day With A Blended Chicken Smoothie

A lot of celebrities swear by blended smoothies for breakfast, usually including leafy greens, fruits and assorted vitamins and supplements.

K-pop star Jackson Wang starts his days with a similar blender concoction, with one protein-rich addition: chicken.

In an interview with New York Magazine‘s The Strategist, the 25-year-old singer opines about his favourite things, one of which is his NutriBullet high-speed blender/mixer.

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“I work out a lot and make sure I do my cardio every day. For exercising, you need to maintain your nutrition and proteins, and I’ll usually eat some chicken breast, a lot of greens, maybe some milk, and some fruits,” he explains.

“Then I just thought to myself, Why don’t I put everything in the blender? Because when you eat it, it goes into your stomach and it’s going to be the same anyways. So I use this blender to mix everything and drink it. My protein shake every morning is an orange, chicken breast, greens, maybe cabbage or spinach, and then an apple and banana.”

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Wang knows what you’re thinking, but he maintains it’s not as revolting as it sounds.

“I know it might sound disgusting, but it’s actually a good smoothie,” he contends. “I have it first thing when I wake up.”

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