Felicity Huffman has been released early from federal prison after serving under two weeks for her role in the college admissions scandal.

Huffman began her 14-day sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California, on October 15.

However, NBC News reported she’d been released Friday after serving just 11 days.

A prison official claims being released early is a “normal policy” for inmates who are set to be released over the weekend.

ET Canada has contacted the star’s rep for comment.

Huffman has to pay a fine of $30,000, as well as perform 250 hours of community service.

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U.S. District Judge Indira Talwani revealed Huffman’s sentencing last month, saying the actress knew what she did was wrong.

“She knew it was a fraud,” she said. “It was not an impulsive act.”

Huffman, who is married to actor William H. Macy, was accused of making a $15,000 contribution to California college admissions consultant William (Rick) Singer’s foundation in exchange for having an associate of Singer secretly correct her daughter’s answers on an SAT college entrance exam in 2017.