Jason Momoa and Hera Hilmar are bringing the new dystopian action-drama “See” to AppleTV+, but the stars have one request for fans – please do not compare it to “Game Of Thrones”.

“Let’s not do that,” Momoa tells ET Canada’s Keshia Chante. “Because I don’t want to compare them because it’s not even… they’re two… you can’t compare them. The only thing you can compare is they’re two worlds that we’ve never gone to these worlds before. ‘Game of Thrones’ broke through and did that, we’ll do the same. They’re not even remotely alike.”

The actor adds, “Drogo didn’t even fight. I’m in non-stop fights in this. The only similarity is that I’m in both, but they’re not alike.”

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Launching Nov. 1, “See” takes place in a distant future where a deadly virus has wiped out humankind and the survivors are now blind, with the exception of twins that are born with the gift of sight.

The series’ actors went through a “blind bootcamp” to get a real feel for what it’s like to lack vision.

“We all were a part of it. Apple, [director] Francis [Lawrence], and our producers… the whole idea to have quite a bit of time to come in and obviously learn and have professionals teach us, and it was amazing because it was a huge bond because we’re all going through it, we’re all learning how to do this even though we can never experience what it’s truly like to be blind,” Momoa says.

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“I think everyone kind of dropped their ego or something in a way, because it’s a world that we’re not all uncomfortable in, but you know it’s a new thing that you really have to kind of understand and you want to portray in a respectable way,” Hilmar says.