Gigi Gorgeous believes there should be no gender barrier when it comes to wearing makeup, and wants to “shout from the rooftops.”

The YouTube celebrity and transgender activist appeared Friday at The Wrap‘s Power Women Summit 2019, where she discussed the upcoming launch of her new makeup subscription service, telling the audience that she hopes the products will be worn by people of all genders.

“Makeup is not for just women,” she said during her onstage conversation with Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, Instagram influencer and founder of The Skinny Confidential, reports The Wrap.

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“Growing up, I would walk through the department stores, I’d see Coco Rocha selling red lipstick, and I’d see another super model there selling a fragrance or whatever. And I would never see anybody who looked different, or was maybe male. So for me, it was about pushing diversity and inclusivity with this makeup line, because I wanted to make my makeup not for myself now as a woman — I wanted to make makeup for myself when I was 16 and I was a boy,” she explained.

“Now it’s not a thing to be like, ‘Oh my God, it’s a boy in makeup,’” continued the 27-year-old makeup guru. “When I started in my previous gender, I was a boy in makeup. I was doing YouTube and I was really sharing my story. I was in high school, I was going through it, I was being bullied, I was very different. Nobody was even doing YouTube. So that’s a group I’m really glad has come out, because it’s showing a lot of people, you’re not alone, you’re not that different. You’re talented, you shouldn’t be pointed and gawked at, you should be applauded for being creative and putting yourself out there.”

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To get her point across, she declared it’s time to “shout from the rooftops — makeup is genderless.”

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