John Cena Hits Jimmy Fallon Across The Face With A Fish In Bizarre ‘Tonight Show’ Skit

Jimmy Fallon regularly gets guests playing bizarre games on the “Tonight Show”, but his latest took things to a new level.

Fallon had John Cena as a guest on Sunday’s show, during which the pair took part in a skit titled “Fish Slap”, which was exactly what it sounds like.

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The pair played a game of “higher and lower” with a deck of cards. However, Fallon put a fishy spin on his version.

Whoever lost got slapped in the face with a fish.

Fallon, who ended up losing to the WWE favourite, said after being hit in the jaw the first time: “There was a good little slap to it and I smell like fish right now.”

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Cena also discussed the best acting career advice Dwayne Johnson gave him, as well as revealed how he psyched out opponents using bagpipes as captain of his college football team.

See more in the clips below.

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