Emma Thompson Defends Waiter Suspended For Asking To Take A Selfie With Her

Emma Thompson doesn’t like selfies but she certainly doesn’t want people losing their jobs over them, either.

According to the Telegraph, the Oscar-winning actress was dining at the plush Brown’s Hotel in the U.K. on Saturday when she was approached for a picture by one of the waiters.

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Thompson declined, telling the waiter that she would rather not impose on her dinner guests, and he went on with his work.

Later, news emerged that the waiter had been suspended from duties until further notice for breaking protocol.

The Sunday Times reported that Thomspon was “horrified” to learn about the waiter’s suspension, and called the hotel to ask that they reverse their decision.

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Brown’s Hotel would not comment on the individual case, telling the Telegraph, “Caring for the privacy and well-being of both team members and guests, we are unable to make further comment on this matter.”

In the past, Thompson has expressed her disdain for selfies, saying they were an example of taking “narcissism to its unspeakable extremes.”

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