Jaclyn Hill is standing by her Internet-inspired Halloween costume.

The YouTuber and makeup entrepreneur got some unwanted attention for her Halloween costume. It featured the words “CANCELLED” and “SHE’S CANCELLED” sprawled across her body with plenty of fake blood.

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Some followers accused Hill of making fun at backlash over her newly launched Jaclyn Cosmetics line. Some customers found questionable ingredients in her lipstick products.

“Super tacky and once more prime evidence that she dgaf [does not give a f**k] about her fans/customers,” one user tweeted.

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“This costume has NOTHING to do with my fans or customers,” Hill snapped back. “It has to do with ‘cancel culture’ that has become so popular. I adore my subscribers and they know that!”

Hill offered refunds to customers earlier this year after hair, beads and pitting were found inside her lipstick products.