Emma Thompson spoke about the downsides to filming the upcoming movie “Cruella” during an appearance on Monday’s “Tonight Show”.

Thompson plays Baroness in the much-talked-about flick, and the role involves wearing a lot of corsets, according to the actress. She also said the ensembles, including some very large wigs, make it very difficult for her to go to the bathroom.

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The British star said, “You bend down and try to reach, but then you’re like a giraffe because you can’t get your head back up.

“You’re mid-flow and just no… you’ll have forgotten about it by the time the film comes out,” she told the audience, adding: “It’s not pretty.”

Thompson also spoke about getting George Michael’s blessing before making the movie “Last Christmas” — based on the iconic Wham! track.

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“I met him and he was just the loveliest guy you can imagine.

“All of these themes in the movie — he was passionate about homelessness, he had this great social conscience, and he was so lovely, and I got really enthused and we started to write and then, of course, he had that tragic early death, 2016 Christmas.”

Watch Thompson and Fallon then take part in a “Random Instrument Challenge” skit in the clip below.

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