Hasan Minhaj Reunites With ‘Queer Eye’ Star Tan France To Look Back On His ‘Patriot Act’ Style One Year Later

Hasan Minhaj is getting some fashion tips from his friend and “Queer Eye” star Tan France in celebration of the one-year anniversary of Netflix’s “Patriot Act”.

In a video shared on Monday, the comedy show host and fashion expert, whose styling makeover video went viral just over a year ago, reunite over a Skype call to look back at Minhaj’s best and worst looks on the show.

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“You obviously have had a huge impact on my life and the fashion choices that I’ve made,” Minhaj tells France. “This is our one-year anniversary of ‘Patriot Act’ [and] I want you, Tan France, to judge the outfits I wore on ‘Patriot Act’ this year.”

Recalling his favourite look on the show, France says that he loved the shirt and jacket combination Minhaj wore in the “Drug Pricing” episode: “I liked that it was layered, so it was more than just a top and I liked the colours. I thought that it looked really slick and I thought that it looked really expensive.”

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However, France admits that there is one item — or a few in particular — in the TV host’s closest that he needs to lose.

“My God, you wear a lot of sweaters and it looks like you’ve got one in every colour,” France contends. “Going forward, I would love to see something just a little different from a sweater.”

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To fix Minhaj’s sweater craze, the fashion designer and author says, “Add that jacket. An added layer makes it look like you put a lot together.”

While Minhaj agrees with France, the pair disagree when it comes to one of the host’s favourite looks this past year: a “jazzy” set of checkered pants.

“This was my least favourite look of the season. I’m sorry,” France says. “I don’t like a jazzy pant.”

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Wrapping up the call, France says that he promises to dress Minhaj once again, but for real this time around.

“Last time I was just f***ing around; I would never put you in half of that stuff,” he says. “This time we’re not playing. Like, if we do it I want to put you in things that I truly would put you in.”

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