Louis Tomlinson and James Corden have known each other for years now, so the One Direction star isn’t afraid to call him out.

Tomlinson appeared on Monday’s “Late Late Show”, where Corden asked him about the band he was in before 1D.

He explained, “I think I was about 14 when I first got — I’ve actually got the name of the band, it’s called the Rogue, tattooed on my legs here. It was a special part of my life.”

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Clearly not really listening, the host then asked: “How old were you at this point?” before Tomlinson quipped, “14 I think when we first started. Just said that,” as Corden jokingly pulled a shocked face.

The interview also saw Tomlinson speak about his movie props collection.

He shared, “I went through a moment in my life where I just bought a lot of silly things.

“At first I found these different movie props on eBay, the best thing that I have and I’m pretty proud about this… I’ve got the leg braces from ‘Forrest Gump’.”

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“They should be on show but I haven’t actually got them out yet, they’re still in the box that I bought them in.

“[I have] loads of random things, like a sword from ‘Kill Bill’.”