Edward Norton Punches James Corden, Puts An End To His ‘Late Late Show’ ‘Fight Club’

Edward Norton puts an end to James Corden’s “Fight Club” in a newly released “Late Late Show” clip.

Corden tricks Norton into getting involved in the segment, even though the actor constantly asks the host if it’s a skit about the 1999 movie because he doesn’t want to do it if it is.

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Norton insists, “I gotta promote ‘Motherless Brooklyn’. That’s why I’m here.”

Corden then leads Norton to a very “Fight Club”-esque warehouse, where the “Late Late Show” staff are waiting.

Norton says, “James, there’s no way I’m doing this… I think we’ve absorbed that there are better ways of expressing our masculinity.”

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Norton ends up knocking Corden out, as his team admit they didn’t want to do the skit in the first place. See more in the clip above.

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