Karamo Brown Talks Being Eliminated From ‘DWTS’, Losing Out To Sean Spicer: ‘No One Thought I Was Going Home’

Karamo Brown spoke about that shock “Dancing with the Stars” elimination during an interview on Entertainment Weekly‘s recap podcast “Eye on the Ball”.

When asked about Sean Spicer having significantly lower scores than the rest of the stars on the show but missing out on being in the bottom two because of audience votes, Brown said: “I will tell you this from being part of the cast: none of us are ever like, ‘This person must go home.’

“We’re always in our own zone of thinking, like, ‘Okay, you know what? I’ve got to focus,’ because at the end of the day, none of us ever knew each week and you saw two surprise eliminations back to back.”

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Brown said of Spicer, who got emotional as Brown’s departure was announced, “No one thought Sailor [Brinkley-Cook] was going home. No one thought I was going home. So I wish I could say that everyone was like, ‘Oh, Sean’s the easy pick.'”

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“But none of us were like that. We were in our minds of like, ‘We just have to do our best.’ And Sean has been having a good time and has been working just as hard as everyone else.

“Yes, I don’t agree with him politically but when it comes to how he worked hard on ‘Dancing with the Stars’, he tries and he gives it his all. And so yes, his scores were lower, but it wasn’t his time. And if his time comes, you know, that will be his time.”

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