Shay Mitchell couldn’t pass up having a little fun before heading into labour.

On Wednesday, the “Pretty Little Liars” alum shared her latest video on her YouTube channel, “The Labor Prank My Dad Didn’t Want You to See”, featuring an epic “fake labour” prank she pulled on her father.

Mitchell and boyfriend Matte Babel welcomed their daughter earlier this month, but the actress decided to share some pre-delivery content with her fans.

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“I feel like now would be the perfect time to tell him I’m going into labour,” Mitchell told the camera. “Even though I’m not.”

And it all spiralled downward from there.

Mitchell played her fake panic well while pouring water on the floor and rushing around trying to get prepared for the last-minute trip to the hospital.

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But her dad finally caught on when Mitchell insisted on bringing her dog along to the hospital.

Mitchell and Babel have yet to announce the name of their new arrival.