Charli XCX Slams Fake Controversy Over ‘Abusive’ Meet-And-Greet Fan Requests

Charli XCX has had it with media reports drumming up faux controversy about her.

On Wednesday, the “Boys” singer took to social media to slam reports that she’s upset over “abusive” fans who “take advantage” of her during after-show meet-and-greets.

The British singer-songwriter, 27, was apparently responding to a website’s think piece that sparked controversy due to the writer’s description of her fans’ “invasive, ridiculous request[s]” that attempt to make her “a prop for their own clout.”

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In the story, the writer shares social media posts — primarily from gay male fans — in which she’s signed a douche and poses with the ashes of a fan’s deceased mother, among others.

Charli responded on Twitter to the faux controversy drummed up by the story.

In a letter she shared, she tells her fans they needn’t be concerned that she’s being exploited.

“People writing these articles are guilty of exactly the same thing they are accusing fans of: these journalists are using the same images they condemn fans for taking as clickbait to push their ‘think pieces’ on me and my culture as an artist,” she writes. “It’s all wrapped up in this brand of ‘2019 fake wokeness’ that I cannot stand: it does more harm than good and just encourages people to attack and harass one another online.”

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She added: “I take away the fact that people wait outside in the cold for me, tell me that a certain song changed their life or that a particular album got them through a tough time. These things are the things that I dwell on after meet and greets.”

She concludes by writing: “Sometimes I decline certain things and sometimes I don’t think twice about things. But without a blow by blow commentary from my brain – the internet is left to interpret everything as it wishes.”

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