Norman Reedus Reveals How His Son Tamed And Named His ‘Internet-Famous’ Cat

Norman Reedus sat down with Stephen Colbert on the Wednesday edition of Global‘s “The Late Show”, where the host kicked off the conversation by complimenting the “Walking Dead” star on his slick wardrobe.

“You look like the poetry professor who’s definitely going to sleep with one of his students,” quipped Colbert. Reedus explained that girlfriend Diane Kruger dressed him, “so I might get lucky.”

After the guest chatted about his 10 seasons — and counting — on “The Walking Dead” and his two-wheeled reality show “Ride with Norman Reedus”, Colbert steered the conversation to an unexpected topic: the actor’s cat.

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“Your cat has become internet famous,” noted Colbert, displaying a social media photo of Reedus posing with his pet.

“His name is Eye in the Dark,” Reedus said, explaining that his son Mingus named the cat.

“When Mingus was five, he said, ‘I need a black kitten.’ So I went to a rescue place and found a black kitten.”

However, staff at the shelter warned him that the ill-tempered feline “is never gonna love anybody.’ I was like, ‘Give me the cat,’ and we brought it home.”

Revealing the cat scratched his neck on the way home, Reedus outlined what happened next.

“Mingus just kind of threw a basketball at him and trapped it under a trashcan, until he broke it like a horse. Now it’s this loving cat.”

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