Dua Lipa appeared on BBC Radio 1’s “Breakfast with Greg James”, and decided to do something she’s never done before: allow one of her fans to have an exclusive preview of her new single before anyone else gets to hear it.

On the line was 8-year-old Sam, who couldn’t believe his luck when the 24-year-old singer told him that he’d be the first fan to hear the new track, “Don’t Start Now”.

There was, however, one condition: Sam would have to offer his critique of the song.

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Lipa and James took a break, and checked back with Sam after he’d had a chance to give it a listen, with the budding music critic offering a rave review.

“Well, I think it’s absolutely great!” he told her. “I really like the tempo. It really changed. And I think, like, it was absolutely great. I think it was better than ‘Swan Song’.”

“I love it. I love that! Thank you, that’s perfect,” she responded. “I appreciate that, thank you for your honesty.”

Since James couldn’t play the song for his listeners, he asked Sam to give them a preview by clapping along with the tempo and singing some of the song’s lyrics, and he rose to the occasion.

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“You were so good!” Lipa complemented, adding that she was “so happy that you were the first person to hear the song.”

“I love it. I really like it,” Sam gushed “Literally, I think it’s better than ‘Swan Song.'” James quipped: “Stop saying that, Sam — we heard you the first time!”

Lipa released the audio version of the song on Thursday ahead of the “Don’t Start Now” music video release on Friday.

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