Nirvana Among List Of Scariest Songs Of All Time

You may be surprised by some of the entries on this list of all-time scariest songs.

Pandora used its Music Genome Project to analyze the most terrifying, bone-chilling and absolutely Halloween-appropriate songs in history. Its findings include more conventional names like Corn and Nine Inch Nails, but also unexpected groups like Nirvana and Pixies.

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“Scary songs use key, tempo, and timbre to create tension and manipulate the way the listener interacts with sound,” said Steve Hogan, Pandora’s Director of Music Analysis – per Entertainment Weekly. “This includes the use of what scientists call ‘non-linear’ sound.”

“Non-linear sounds are generally scratchy, disorganized, and chaotic, like the sound of vocal cords vibrating violently during a blood-curdling scream,” he continued. “Humans (and many other species) are hard-wired to perceive such sounds as life-threatening.”

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Listen to the entire list below:

1. Nine Inch Nails, “The Becoming”

2. Pixies, “The Happening”

3. Bauhaus, “Dark Entries”

4. Joy Division, “Transmission”

5. Lamb of God, “Contractor”

6. Tool, “Aenima”

7. Nirvana, “Heart-Shaped Box”

8. Korn, “Bottled Up Inside”

9. A Perfect Circle, “Thinking Of You”

10. Whitechapel, “Eternal Refuge”

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