Eddie Murphy is currently in Atlanta filming the long-awaited sequel to his 1988 hit “Coming to America”, while Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are also in the same city, reuniting for their sequel “Bad Boys for Life”.

With the stars of both films in the same place at the same time, Smith decided it was time for the two casts to get together, and on Tuesday he shared an epic photo from the set of the “Coming to America” sequel.

He followed that up a few days later with a video documenting the momentous meeting and what actually went into capturing that photo.

The video begins with Smith and Lawrence dropping by the “Coming to America 2” set, filming in Tyler Perry’s new Atlanta studio complex, with Smith calling out Murphy. “Eddie, you come out here now!” Smith yells with mock fury. “You can’t hide.”

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Murphy exits his trailer, welcomed by cheers from the interlopers as he shares a hug with Smith and the members of both casts greet each other warmly.

This is followed by some random merriment until they all get together to pose for a selfie as Murphy cracks jokes. “It’s hard to beat this,” declares Smith as he, Murphy, Lawrence and Wesley Snipes pose together. “That’s iconicism!”

“I’m glad this video ain’t scratch-and-sniff,” quips Murphy, sending everyone into waves of laughter just before co-star Tracy Morgan eventually enters the mix.

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“That was such a beautiful moment,” adds Smith at the video’s end.

Snipes and Morgan also shared the moment on their social media accounts.

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Some movie magic is COMING TO AMERICA soon!

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“Coming to America 2” is scheduled to hit theatres on Aug. 7, 2020, while “Bad Boys for Life” will debut on Jan. 20, 2020.

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