‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Receives Results Of Alarming Lung Scan

On an upcoming episode of “The Dr. Oz Show”, Duane “Dog” Chapman learns how bad the blockage to one of his arteries in his lungs is.

The Bounty Hunter was recently diagnosed with pulmonary embolism in September shortly after the death of his wife Beth. “I’m not afraid to die,” he said at the time.

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During Monday’s episode, Dr. Oz goes over the results with Dog and the audience telling them, “It really alarmed me and I was fearful of this.”

“You see how this normal artery here has little white middle part? But this one has a little piece missing out of it. You notice it’s white on the outside but the middle is like an eclipse, real black,” Oz explained. “That’s a piece of blood clot, that is actually inside the arteries of your lungs. That’s called a pulmonary embolism. The problem with these clots is when they block off the arteries, they don’t let any oxygen get to the lungs. There are plenty of folks who died from these emboli.”

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If left untreated, it can be life-threatening but various medications can help to treat the condition. In severe cases, surgery is sometimes used.

The full show airs on Nov. 4, but for now, you can check out the preview above.

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