John Malkovich Is ‘The New Pope’ In Intriguing Teaser With A Major Twist

Following from where “The Young Pope” left off, HBO is continuing the saga of Pope Pious XIII, a.k.a. Lenny Bellardo (Jude Law).

In the final moments of the finale, the Pope had just revealed himself to the public for the first time, delivering a stirring homily that is cut short when he abruptly collapses.

On Sunday, HBO unveiled a new teaser for the followup, “The New Pope”, in which Lenny is apparently comatose, hooked up to all manner of medical equipment, while a new pontiff (played by John Malkovich) has been elected.

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Dubbing himself Pope John Paul III, Malkovich’s Cardinal John Brannox is far less enigmatic than his predecessor, and his flashy style and PR-driven strategy causes concern within the Vatican.

With the new Pope settling into the job, he won’t have time to get too comfortable; the trailer concludes with Lenny’s eyes suddenly opening, no doubt signalling the start of a Pope-vs.-Pope power struggle, with the Catholic Church hanging in the balance.

“The New Pope” premieres in January 2020.

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