John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Don’t Hold Back While Taking A Lie Detector Test

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are being put through the Vanity Fair lie detector test and nothing is left off the table.

“You once told Vogue that the three words you would use to describe us are ‘keeping it sexy’,” Legend started things off by asking Teigen. “That was two years ago. Would you still use those two words to describe us today?”

Keeping in her typical cheeky ways, she answered, “I would use those words to describe us this morning.”

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An embarrassed Legend responded blushing, “Woah, alright now. I just got back from a four day trip.”

“Do you still find other men attractive?” the singer went on to ask before naming off celebs like James Kennedy or the cartoon “Arthur”.

The model also admitted to never putting the lid back on the toothpaste, “Because it needs to have a snap on the top. Until you get me one with a snap on the top I will continue to leave it open. Honestly, I’m leaving it open because you’re going to use it next so you don’t have to unscrew it.”

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When it came time for Teigen to grill her husband she opened with the big questions like has he ever cheated–answer “no.” She also asked him, “Are you waiting on me to lose this baby weight?”

Once again the answer was “No, you look perfect.” And sure enough, the lie detector test determined he was telling the truth.

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