Jessica Biel Says Her Incredible Halloween Couple’s Costume Almost Didn’t Happen

The world almost didn’t get to see Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake live up to their Halloween standards.

The celebrity couple stole the show this year with their ode to *NSYNC. Biel dressed up as Justin Timberlake, complete with the afro, blue shades, and one of Timberlake’s actual jumpsuits. Timberlake dressed up as a pitch-perfect microphone.

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“I was working in New York, so I literally was flying back on Halloween night,” Biel told “The Late Late Show” host James Corden on Monday. “I had missed my flight and the whole crew, all of our friends being the band members, were waiting on me to get there.

“I was late. So, my friends threw my outfit in the car. I went from the airport. I changed in the car.”

Timberlake was the one who came up with the idea but he had no idea just how much authenticity Biel would bring to it.

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“I surprised Justin because I remembered we have that exact jumpsuit that he wore in storage,” she admitted. “So, I pulled it out and it was the real one!”

Biel and fellow “Late Late Show” guest Natasha Lyonne also played a game of “Taller or Shorter”.

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