Mark Hamill is reacting — and mocking — his original 1976 “Star Wars” audition video.

As part of a new campaign with Omaze, Hamill is watching the audition for the Luke Skywalker role with Harrison Ford reading for Han Solo off-camera.

“Why did I call him ‘Hans’ instead of ‘Han’?” Hamill remarks, adding this was the pair’s first meeting. “[Ford] is better in the screen test than I am and he’s off camera!”

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Hamill pauses to laugh and comment on George Lucas’ dialogue as he watches his then-25-year-old self.

“Look at that haircut,” he adds. “That’s the biggest thing I contributed to the look of Luke Skywalker — a Beatles-esque haircut.”

Hamill reveals other tidbits of information about his audition day, like asking Lucas if “Star Wars” was meant to be a parody.

“Carrie [Fisher] called that my ‘freshly punched look’,” he explains. “A bewildered, clueless Luke. Carrie was the final piece of the puzzle. She was effortlessly feminist. She wasn’t a shrinking violet that needed a guy to come rescue her. She made Han and Luke look like chumps.”

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The Omaze campaign is for a chance to win a trip to the “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker” premiere and have dinner with Hamill in support of the USC McMorrow Neighborhood Academic Initiative, which helps students from South and East Los Angeles prepare for college or university admission.

Watch Hamill’s Omaze reaction video above. You can check out his full audition video below.