Henry Cavill Reacts To Ryan Reynolds Parodying The ‘Justice League’ Digital Moustache Removal

Ryan Reynolds is using the Henry Cavill shaving method.

On Monday, the Canadian actor released a Movember-themed video promoting his Aviation American Gin.

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In the clip, a moustachioed Reynolds asks, “Does drinking Aviation Gin make you feel like a superhero?” before taking a sip from a cup.

“I wouldn’t know,” he adds after lowering the cup, revealing his moustache had disappeared, thanks to digital trickery, much like Cavill’s famous, digitally erased moustache in “Justice League”.

Only this time, the computer effect is even worse, as Reynolds tries to wipe it away and ends up falling over.

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Warner Bros. was forced to digitally remove Cavill’s moustache for scenes done during reshoots on “Justice League” after Paramount refused to allow the actor to shave during shooting on “Mission: Impossible – Fallout”.

Cavill reacted to Reynolds’ sick burn in the comments section of the latter’s Instagram post: “Can’t CGI the pain away. Make mine a double.”

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