Ellen DeGeneres is giving back to the California firefighters who have been battling the recent wildfires across the state.

DeGeneres welcomes 10 firefighters to her show Wednesday, with Battalion Chief Lucas Spelman revealing there were 212 fires in California this past week alone.

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As the talk-show host dubs the group “heroes,” Spelman insists it’s not an option to think about being tired as a firefighter and they’ve simply got a job to do.

DeGeneres also thanks Eric Le Blanc, who helped keep her house in Montecito safe from last year’s fires; he reveals it added pep in their step when his team found out they were at the host’s home.

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The interview then sees the group respond to President Trump’s threat to cut funding for California wildfire relief, before DeGeneres surprises them with a $250,000 donation to the California Fire Foundation, courtesy of Nature Valley.