‘Ladies Like Us’ Hosts Apologize And Remove T.I.’s Podcast Episode Following His ‘Uncomfortable’ Comments About His Daughter

T.I. is under fire following his bizarre remarks about his 18-year-old daughter, Deyjah.

The rapper, 39, joined Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham on their “Life Hacks” podcast “Ladies Like Us”, and admitted to accompanying Dayjah at the gynecologist to make sure his daughter’s “hymen is still intact,” which he equates with being a virgin.

“Not only have we had the conversation. We have yearly trips to the gynecologist to check her hymen,” T.I. said. “Yes, I go with her.”

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“So we’ll go and sit down and the doctor comes and talk, and the doctor’s maintaining a high level of professionalism,” he explained. “He’s like, ‘You know, sir, I have to, in order to share information’ — I’m like, ‘Deyjah, they want you to sign this so we can share information. Is there anything you would not want me to know? See, Doc? Ain’t no problem.'”

And while T.I. claims to realize the hymen can be broken in other ways, while riding a bike, riding a horse or using a tampon, the “Whatever You Like” artist says he insists on the check. He even “put a sticky note on the door: ‘Gyno. Tomorrow. 9:30,” following Deyjah’s 16th birthday party.

“And so then they come and say, ‘Well, I just want you to know that there are other ways besides sex that the hymen can be broken like bike riding, athletics, horseback riding, and just other forms of athletic physical activity,'” he said. “So I say, ‘Look, Doc, she don’t ride no horses, she don’t ride no bike, she don’t play no sports. Just check the hymen, please, and give me back my results expeditiously.'”

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He then added, “I will say, as of her 18th birthday, her hymen is still intact.”

Many Twitter users found T.I.’s comments “sick.”

Even some celebs took to Twitter to question T.I.’s comments, including Iggy Azalea. In a since-deleted tweet, she wrote, “Really I wish the women who interviewed him would have said something to him… He has serious control issues with women in all aspects of his life and needs therapy.”

Chrissy Teigen and Ellin Barkin also weighed in:

Sharon Osbourne added on “The Talk”, according to toofab: “Firstly, he should never ever be talking about his daughter’s sex life, ever.

“On a podcast? I think it’s freaky he would go to the gynecologist with his daughter and to talk about it. Don’t talk about your kids’ sex life, about what’s going on in their body, it is sacred to them. It’s not your life.”

Eve added, “Obviously, hearing this, it’s very shocking. If I was his daughter, I would be like, why are you talking about this? Beyond that, this is like daddy issues to the 100th power. Those appointments — while I think it is okay for a dad to have those conversations with your daughter about sexual situations — her time with her doctor, that’s her private time. You’re infringing on her freedom, her body. He doesn’t own her and that’s where I come in with that situation.

“Thankfully, I know him personally and he is a good guy.”

Following the backlash, both Mandi and Moham, the hosts of the podcast, decided to remove the entire episode and apologize for their reaction.

Taking to Instagram, the pair explained, “We were completely caught off guard/shocked and looking back, we should have reacted much differently in the moment.”

Adding, “We are not perfect, take full accountability for our lack of action.”


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