Netflix has the perfect cure for your mid-week funk, the “Stranger Things 3” blooper reel.

To celebrate the unofficial “Stranger Things” day (Nov. 6), a.k.a. the anniversary of Will Byers’ 1983 disappearance, the Duffer Brothers’ is giving fans a look at all the fun behind the scenes of the sci-fi hit. Blooper reels from all three seasons will drop to honour the occasion.

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In the first video from season 3, Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink, who play Eleven and Max, respectively, sing a song about ketchup and mustard, Noah Schnapp (Will Byers) flubs his line, proclaiming their day playing Dungeons & Dragons would be “a day full of girls” and David Harbour (Detective Hopper) gets a serious case of the giggles while delivering his line about Mike’s grandma.

At one point, a stray cat makes a surprise appearance next to Natalia Dyer’s Nancy.

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The “Stranger Things” writers loved Harbour’s hilarious “grandma” flub so much they shared a teaser to the reel in October. “Legend has it that @DavidKHarbour still can’t say ‘grandma’ without laughing,” they captioned a clip.

Get ready for more bloopers since Netflix announced the hit series has been renewed for season 4.