‘Charlie’s Angels’ Stars On Making The New Reboot Stand Out: ‘I Was Adamant There Be Hugging’

The women of “Charlie’s Angels” are carving out a new path.

Writer-director Elizabeth Banks and stars Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska are on Entertainment Weekly‘s new digital cover talking about the upcoming reboot, revealing what fans can expect and what’s changed since the Angels’ last outing on the big screen.

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“I was adamant that there be hugging in the movie,” Banks says. “That’s what distinguishes ‘Charlie’s Angels’ from James Bond, Jason Bourne, ‘Mission: Impossible.’ This is what you get to do in the girl version of this movie that draws you in because it feels real. It is real. I cry at work.”

One feature of the new film is that Banks made it a team-up movie, with the three Angels getting to know each other along with the audience.

“When you earn it, you can vicariously feel the satisfaction of becoming close with someone,” Stewart says. “The best thing ever when I get to know someone is the first time I said, ‘You’re mine.’”

The stars also address the long shadow of the hit TV series, the 2000 film and its sequel, “Charlie’s Angel: Full Throttle”, and the sexualization on display throughout the franchise.

“I feel like that’s not what people want to see anymore,” Balinska says. “What people do want to see is smart, intelligent, trained, emotionally activated, powerful, strong, witty women who win, lose, laugh, fail, succeed, and figure things out.”

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The new crew do make clear that they aren’t slamming the older films, though.

“[Drew Barrymore] produced those movies and they look confident and happy in those roles,” Stewart says. “It is contagious. You watch them and you’re like oh, yeah, I’m going to dance around in my f**king underwear.”

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