Henry Golding Tells Jimmy Fallon About His Attempt To Become Best Friends With Matthew McConaughey

All Henry Golding wanted was to be BFFs with Matthew McConaughey.

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The “Last Christmas” star was on “The Tonight Show” on Wednesday, and he talked about another upcoming film he’s in called “The Gentlemen” in which he stars alongside McConaughey.

“I remember going in on my first day, thinking, I’m gonna be best friends with Matthew McConaughey!” Golding told host Jimmy Fallon. “We’re gonna go for, like, Sunday walks in the park, we’re gonna go for dinner, our wives are gonna be best buddies, I’m gonna go for yogurt with him on, like, Saturdays.

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Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite as he imagined.

“No one told me that he stays in character, and our characters like, hate each other, so I thought he hated me,” Golding said. “And my world just imploded!”

Thankfully, things worked out and the two got along famously on days they didn’t have scenes together.

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