On Set With Tamron Hall As She Opens Up About Daytime Talk Show, Matt Lauer And Motherhood

Two months after Tamron Hall made her return to TV with her talk show, ET Canada is on the New York City set as the daytime host dishes on her duties as a wife, mother and her surprising exit from “Today”.

In 2014, Hall joined “Today” as the first black woman to co-host the series. Three years later, she was let go from the show just months before her colleague Matt Lauer was accused of alleged sexual misconduct. Following her exit, she also took a meeting with Harvey Weinstein before news of his sever sexual misconduct allegations were made public. Since then, Hall says she’s surprised by all the lurid details of harassment coming to light.

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“I think anyone would be surprised,” she tells ET Canada. “And then when you talk about sexual harassment, that doesn’t exist in one industry. When you get into specific allegations, of course, they become shocking. There’s no way in the world that I could tell you otherwise.”

“It’s emotional for me because there are very serious allegations so when people ask me about it in interviews I always take a pause because these are real hurtful things and I don’t take lightly any person saying they were assaulted or felt marginalized or dehumanized,” she explains. “So for me, I don’t treat it like a soundbite for a question that I’ve been asked. I handle it the same way I handle the death of my sister. These are real painful things and they are not, for me, an opportunity to have a clip on a show or an answer it’s real.”

Hall is delighting in having her own namesake talk show which covers a diverse range of daily topics.

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“It’s surreal,” she says. “It’s more emotional if I can be honest with you. It’s a much more emotional experience than any other part of my journey of 25 years.”

When assembling the behind-the-scenes production team for the talk show, Hall was conscious of having diverse representation because she was “mindful of how this show was going to be good based on the people behind the scenes having a wide range of experience in life.”

One of those experiences is being a mom off-camera.

“Life is not tidy. It doesn’t always work out. Love isn’t tidy you know my husband and I had an argument yesterday over some mindless nonsense,” Hall says, adding, “It’s the quest to find this tidy space that I think wears all of us down. And for me, I’ve just embraced that it’s not tidy and my son’s diaper leaked the other day and I’m like ‘Okay! I got it wrong!’ I’ve been changing diapers for six months and the poor child is now drenched cause I didn’t do it right! Life isn’t tidy!”



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