Emilia Clarke Finds It ‘Bloody Annoying’ That The Twist In ‘Last Christmas’ Has Been Revealed, Henry Golding Gives More Detail On The Surprise

This article contains “Last Christmas” spoilers


Emilia Clarke is not happy that people are revealing spoilers about the big twist at the end of her new holiday rom-com “Last Christmas”.

According to IndieWire, trailers for the Paul Feig-directed movie arrived in August, and set off a wave of online speculation about certain clues and hints in the brief clip that pointed to a twist.

So obsessed were fans that it sparked a tsunami of speculation with some many people throwing out all manner of guesses and theories what that twist may be.

Speaking with IndieWire, the 33-year-old actress isn’t amused now that the movie has finally arrived and all that obsession has resulted in people revealing the big secret.

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“It’s bloody annoying,” she says of people ruining the ending for others. “Frustrating.”

In fact, she insists that those who have heard about the twist second-hand without actually seeing the film are not getting the full picture. “It’s more complicated than people are guessing,” she adds.

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The script was co-written by Emma Thompson and based on a concept developed by Thompson and her husband Greg Wise, and Clarke says they spent a lot of time honing it to ensure savvy moviegoers didn’t guess the twist ahead of time.

“Emma and Greg wrote this script together, but they sent the script to all of their friends and it was only ready when their friends didn’t see the twist coming and couldn’t guess until it happens, so that’s where it comes from,” she says. “It’s just frustrating.”

Another thing she finds frustrating is viewers griping about the final season of “Game of Thrones”, and she draws a comparison between that and what she sees happening with “Last Christmas”.

“When it comes to signing petitions to reshoot the last season of a very popular TV show, or whether it’s spoiling a g****m Christmas rom-com, people are able to do something about that,” she says. “Our world’s literally on fire, so I think that there’s a lot of things outside of people’s control, so when it comes to this kind of stuff, they can do something with it and want to. It’s done with so much fervor, it’s done with a huge amount of energy and all that is, is misdirected energy.”

Yet despite Clarke’s dismay about revealing the twist, her co-star Henry Golding opened up to Entertainment Weekly about being a ghost.

Despite knowing the twist before reading the script, Golding said “there’s just so much more” than what is perceived.

And playing a ghost had some tricks when it came to filming like making sure the extras were never looking at him.

“I do remember the scene in the ice skating rink,” he said. “The whole day myself and her were on the rink, and we were having this amazing time together. Then it came to a point where she had to do it all on her own, and we all had tears in our eyes because we just saw how lonely and how sad it was. They just had this beautiful moment, but it was all within her.”

Golding also teases the most “amazing onscreen kisses the world will see.” Adding, “It fills that wish fulfillment that we all want to see these two beautiful characters love each other.”

“Last Christmas” opens Friday, Nov. 8.

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