Kristen Bell reveals her daughters are quite the pranksters during an appearance on Friday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

Guest host Ken Jeong talks family life with the actress, who shares Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 4, with husband Dax Shepard.

Bell explains how the kids have been keeping them on their toes recently, sharing a few pranks they’ve pulled on her and Shepard.

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The “Frozen” favourite says, “It’s exhausting but I’m also like, ‘Oh you’re developing a sense of comedy, I love it.'”

She goes on to say of one prank in particular, “I was making dinner, they were being nice to each other, I knew something was wrong,” before adding they then asked to cuddle in bed before going to sleep.

Bell reveals how once she pulled back the covers, “they have dumped easily a gallon of water onto my mattress.”

“It was saturated, and tucked into the sheets, they also put pumpkins and a bunch of their dirty underwear. They are spitting up they’re laughing so hard.”

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Bell also talks about “Frozen 2” and her co-star Jonathan Groff’s incredible breakout song.

See more in the clip below.