Trevor Noah Takes On The Vaping Industry In Blistering ‘Daily Show’ Segment

Vaping companies are targeting teens, and Trevor Noah is not here for it.

In a blistering segment on Thursday’s “Daily Show”, the host went after the vaping industry for using decades-old cigarette marketing tactics to sell nicotine to young people.

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Noah took particular issue with celebrities endorsing vaping products.

“That’s just irresponsible,” Noah said. “Celebrities shouldn’t be endorsing addictive substances to their fans, which is why the only product I endorse is cabbage. Cabbage: It’s the one thing you definitely won’t get addicted to.”

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The host is worried the battle may already be lost, though.

“It might be a little ‘too little, too late.’ Because countless teens are already addicted to vaping, and schools across the country are struggling with the outbreak,” he said. “Look, I think we can all agree that neither kids nor schools should be responsible for fixing this addiction crisis that companies like Juul have helped create. If anything, e-cigarette companies should be forced to pay for the damage they’ve purposefully caused.”

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