‘Joker’ Is Officially The Most Profitable Comic Book Movie Of All Time

Five weeks after its release, “Joker” is still breaking records.

The Joaquin Phoenix-starring film about Batman’s greatest nemesis has now grossed a total of $953 million worldwide.

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While others have grossed more in total, when the film’s lower-than-usual budget of $62.5 million is taken into account, “Joker” is officially the most profitable comic book movie of all time, according to Forbes.

Since its release, the film has made 15.3 times its budget, besting Jim Carrey’s 1994 comedy “The Mask”, which grossed #351 million on a $23 million budget.

When compared to bigger-scale comic book movies, the runners up are “Venom”, with $854 million on a $35 million budget, “Batman”, which grossed $411 million on a $35 million budget, “Deadpool”, which made $783 million on $58 million, and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, which brought in $200 million on a budget of only $13.5 million.

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“Joker” is also expected to top $1 billion at the global box office some time in the next week.

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