Halsey Unveils New Web Series ‘Road To Manic’

Halsey’s fans are counting the days until the Jan. 17 release of her forthcoming album, Manic, and the 25-year-old singer has just released the first instalment of a new web series chronicling the lead-up to the album drop.

While fans are understandably excited about new music from Halsey, that excitement pales in comparison to the enthusiasm Halsey displays in the new video, documenting her various activities in advance of the arrival of her long-awaited followup to 2017’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.

In the two-minute debut episode, Halsey is seen undertaking an array of activities, such as travelling in Europe for a series of concerts and making appearances on “Swedish Idol” and the MTV EMAs. 

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“You hear an album called Manic and you think it’s going to be like, super sad and dark, but it’s not,” she says of the new album in the video. “It’s really colourful and kinda funny sometimes and… it’s scary because it’s so much of me, so if people don’t like it, it feels like they don’t like me.”

While admitting she’s nervous about what people will think of her new music, she explains how she’s trying to free herself of those fears. “Before I can not care about what people think about the album, I have to not care what people think about me,” she says, “which is so hard to do.”

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You can watch the episode in its entirety above.

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