Carson Daly And His Wife Siri Daly Have Gotten Sleep Divorced

Carson Daly and his wife Siri Daly are doing what is needed to get their beauty sleep.

The two are currently expecting their fourth child together and have been sleeping in separate bedrooms since September.

“I got sleep-divorced in September. We cited irreconcilable sleeping,” Carson joked while on the “Today” show. “I have sleep apnea, my wife’s pregnant, and during a home renovation, we downgraded to a queen-size bed. We just felt like we’re better off sleeping in different beds.”

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Carson also revealed that he has to wear a CPAP machine which keeps Siri awake.

“That’s like sleeping next to Darth Vader. Really attractive, huh?” Daly said. “Most women would want to sleep in another bedroom… I don’t snore anymore, but the noise of the machine keeps her up.”

Dr. Mehmet Oz was on the same episode to talk about the growing trend of sleep divorce where he noted that getting a solid seven hours of sleep can help lower the risk for conditions like heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, arthritis and obesity.

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“Sleep is important, that’s an important part of this,” Carson said. “You’re going to be a better person if you are rested, which can help your relationship.”

“We don’t want to sleep apart, but we have now and I think secretly, we’re like, ‘This is kind of cool,’ because you get command of the whole room,” he said.

Carson and Siri are currently parents to London, 5, Etta, 7 and Jackson, 10.

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