Eddie Izzard Talks Coming Out As Transgender, Boob Envy And His Foray Into UK Politics During Hike With Kevin Nealon

Last week, Eddie Izzard opened up with fellow comedian Kevin Nealon during his “Hiking with Kevin” web series, in which the “Saturday Night Live” alum goes for a hike in the Hollywood Hills with different celebrities.

The conversation was so in-depth that Nealon decided to split it into two segments, with part two dropping on Nov. 7, and the transgender comedian had plenty more to say.

In the second part of the interview, Izzard, 57, tells Nealon, 65, about suffering a panic attack on an airplane, performing standup comedy in four different languages and a recent foray into British politics, opening up about a failed campaign to be elected into the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee in 2016. 

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During the conversation, Izzard also discussed how standup comedy served as excellent preparation for coming out.

The scariness of me pushing against the idea of not coming out to saying — I’m going to come out, people are going to shout at me f**k it, I’m going to work it out — that confidence and the humiliation you have to go through in the starting period, there’s always a start up humiliation period,” Izzard told Nealon.

“I realized you can do that in street performing, I was a really bad street performer then I got better,” Izzard explained. “In standup, [I was] really bad [at] standup then I got better at that… So just know if you can deflect the humiliation, you can get through it.”

The first part of the interview can be seen below:

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