Billy Gilman: ‘I Never Chose To Leave Country Music, They Left Me’

Billy Gilman and the Country Club had an unceremonious split.

Gilman, 31, recently dropped his new song “Soldier”. “The Voice” alum opened up about some of the darker periods in his life while speaking to People about the song.

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“Everyone has their own problems in this world, but I think when I tell you it got dark, I think people know where I’m going when I say those words,” Gilman said. “It was scary. God put me on this Earth to be one thing and no one was allowing me to do it and it was crazy.”

“I just knew I couldn’t do that to [my mom] because she’s my life,” he continued. “I just kept seeing my mom’s face so that really kept me from being very off the edge. But it was scary.”

The video for “Soldier” encapsulates Gilman’s mental health struggles and contemplations of suicide after coming out as gay.

“These are real problems that we see on the news but I haven’t seen a music video that touches it in that way,” he said of a particular clip in the video. “If the song can inspire and help someone else in such a strong way, the song is just gold to me.”

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“I wouldn’t even like to say out loud,” he explained. “As a child, it was almost like being pulled out of a family. It’s insane… The sad thing is I never chose to leave country music, they left me.”

Gilman is truly embodying the “Soldier” he speaks of in his new song: “I’m giving my heart and I just really hope that it shows.”

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