Lil Pump really had his heart pumping after a harrowing encounter with a snake.

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The “Gucci Gang” rapper revealed he was bitten by a snake in an Instagram video posted on Thursday. Pump, 19, was sitting on a flight of make-shift stairs on the set of a music video shoot.

A live snake was delivered to Pump by a handler. As soon as the young rapper grabbed the snake, however, he was bitten. The snake clamped onto Pump’s hand and the rapper promptly chucked the snake to the floor.

“I JUST GOT BIT BY A SNAKE!” Pump captioned the video in all caps. “I CAN’T F**K WITH NO SNAKES. I HOPE I DONT DIE.” 

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Canadian pop icon Justin Bieber commented on Pump’s post: “Bro can’t f**k with snakes.”

What he said.