Katie Couric Says It Has ‘Been Painful’ Learning About Matt Lauer’s Sexual Assault Allegations

Katie Couric is slowly opening up about working with Matt Lauer in the light of the sexual assault allegations.

“As you can imagine, I’ve thought a lot about this over the last two years because it has been, to use the phrase that many have used, a reckoning,” Couric said while at the Dress for Success annual Women Who Inspire event.

“It’s been painful for me on many levels, especially when it comes to understanding what was going on with Matt, who I think ultimately turned out to be two very different people, in terms of my relationship with him versus some of the other things that were going on,” she added.

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Couric spent nearly 15 years co-hosting “Today” alongside Lauer.

She went on, “We need many more women in leadership positions in journalism and broadcast news. Things don’t really change unless you have a woman with real authority and decision-making opportunities, and I really do believe that the atmosphere of a company and the standards, they all come from the top.”

Couric is currently preparing to release her own memoir in 2021 that will dive into the wrongdoings by executives at NBC and the alleged sexual abuse reports.

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“Couric will reveal the unapologetic Mad Men culture, ubiquitous in many news organizations, that led to revelations about some of the biggest names in the business, including her longtime co-anchor and friend Matt Lauer,” a release from her publisher recently said.

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