Clint Eastwood, 89, Refuses To Evacuate Studio As Wildfire Approaches: ‘There’s Work To Be Done’

It takes a lot to stop Clint Eastwood.

Numerous onscreen bad guys found that out the hard way in the “Dirty Harry” star’s movies, but the same holds true in real life for the 89-year-old Oscar winner.

In fact, even the approach of a raging wildfire wasn’t enough to deter Eastwood from continuing to work, according to an Instagram post shared by his son, actor Scott Eastwood. 

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On Saturday, the “Pacific Rim: Uprising” star shared video of a fire raging in the Hollywood hills near the famed Warner Bros. Studios lot, which led to everyone on the lot being evacuated — everyone, that is, except his dad.

“This is from a couple hours ago,” he wrote. “Security told us to evacuate the studio. But my 89-year-old father said, ‘No, we’re good, there’s work to be done.’ Then we went into the mixing stage and all watched his new movie @RichardJewellMovie… As he would say, get back to work and shut up. *True story*.”

Eastwood’s latest film, “Richard Jewell”, dramatizes the events surrounding the Centennial Olympic Park bombing during the 1996 summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, when security guard Richard Jewell came across a pipe bomb and notified authorities. Initially hailed as a hero, Jewell then became the plot’s prime suspect until he was ultimately cleared by the FBI 88 days later.

“Richard Jewell” hits theatres on Dec. 13.

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